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Bigmouth Strikes Again – Morrissey memoirs underway

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It was revealed this week that former Smiths frontman Morrissey is writing an autobiography.

Speaking to the BBC’s Janice Long this week the singer said: “With every printed interview, there’s lots of misquotes. Lots of them are really silly and really extreme, which you have to live with the rest of your life. So it’s setting the record straight.”

These ‘misquotes’ have not been in any way insignificant either. Take for example the time when the bullish softy allegedly declared the longing for George W. Bush death and the supposed official statement that read something like this:

“I understand why fur-farmers and so-called laboratory scientists are repaid with violence”

Then there was the time, more recently, when he reportedly told the NME: “the higher the influx [of immigrants] into England the more the British identity disappears”

Talking about the writing venture Morrissey said: “So much crap is written about me and it’s quite hard to live with sometimes because it all gets burned down in history and becomes part of whatever it is you are, the legacy, and it becomes very annoying.”

At least the autobiography will give him much sought after page space to clear the air and allow him bumble on to his hearts content about vegetarianism, seal clubbing and other such issues with the enthusiasm of a pill pusher.

Morrissey will have a tough job trying to expel all the rumoured media bloopers surrounding him, after all over a quarter of his Wikipedia page is consumed by sections entitled ‘Music Industry Feuds’, ‘[Arguments with] Political Leaders’, ‘Accusations of Racism’ and ‘Animal Rights’.

At the time of going to press no announcements had been made about who will be publishing the book and the release date but it would seem the singer certainly has a lot on his plate at the moment. The Mancunian is releasing a new solo album, Year of Refusal, in February. Ever modest Morrissey has dubbed the LP “fantastically strong … very, very strong … after all these years … the strongest.”

To have a look at what we should expect from the veg warrior’s autobiography have a look at his interview on BBC TWO’s Culture Show below:

Words: Dean Samways


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