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Google reach settlement for online library

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A screenshot of the Google Books service

A screenshot of the Google Books service

Internet goliath Google has reached a multimillion pound agreement with the Association of American Publishers allowing the search engine to continue indexing millions of books.

The Google Book Scheme started out as a partnership between Google, Harvard University, the New York Public Library and other organisations to scan and digitise books making them accessible online.

Google have described the ruling as “groundbreaking” allowing for books to achieve greater coverage. The deal will also allow Google to expand online access to millions of books stored in public libraries across America. This will undoubtedly make it easier for unknown cult writers to get there work noticed by millions of internet users around the world.

The settlement still needs to be approved by the US District Court before the plan can be fully implemented, however, members of the Authors Guild are encouraged by the proposal.

“It’s hard work writing a book, and even harder work getting paid for it,” said Roy Blount Jr., President of the Guild. “As a reader and researcher, I’ll be delighted to stop by my local library to browse the stacks of some of the world’s great libraries. As an author – well, we appreciate payment when people use our work. This deal makes good sense.”

Watch the below video for tips on applying for a Google Books Partner Program account, which allows you to submit your content for display on Google Book Search. Ideal for writers who want to increase their readership an infinite amount.

Words: Seamus Swords


Written by Dean Samways

October 28, 2008 at 6:01 pm

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