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National Novel Writing Month – Are you up for the challenge?

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National Novel Writing Month - Turn that ambition into a reality

National Novel Writing Month - Turn that ambition into a reality

Throughout the year there are numerous literary workshops, festivals, and awards peppered all over the globe. The month of November though represents possibly the greatest single initiatory commitment for any writer, novice or pro.

Saturday marked the opening day of National Novel Writing Month. The event, organised The Office of Letters and Light based in Oakland, California, is intended to inspire, and almost squeeze results out of participants, who take up the challenge of penning an entire novel (175 pages or 50 000 words) in 30 days.

Though labelled as a ‘national’ event there are in fact different regions wherefrom the sponsored participants keep the official website up-to-date with where there are in their projects. also delivers regular advice from professional authors (including Philip Pullman) and feature articles on the budding novelists taking part.

When The Scribbler discovered this writing programme we naturally started to question just how successful this kind of strict work schedule could be. However, we were immediately put into our place when we saw the list of past writers who have been published as a direct result of National Novel Writing Month.

To celebrate the writing month of November The Scribbler will graciously jump on the bandwagon.

In an effort to get you, the reader, thinking like an author and writing what might be your first piece of non-fiction, The Scribbler is going to provide you with the first of many writing schools.

Keep coming back and checking out the ‘Fiction / Writing School’ pages for the most contemporary writing to tool you up so only the best, most thrilling, edgy work coming popping off the pencil. Efforts are also being made to get some tips from some top writers in the industry.

Thinking caps on. Next time we want you to come back with at least three ideas for a story, maybe even a novel. The challenge starts here.

To get this party started we have embedded some advice for aspiring authors from the writer of Child 44, Tom Rob Smith. The book, Smith’s first, was published this year and earned immediate recognition by winning the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger award for best thriller of the year from the Crime Writer’s Association. Click below to find out what he’s got to say for himself:

How many of you would consider taking part in National Novel Writing Month? What kind of advice would you be looking for from The Scribbler? Use the comments box below to reply…

Words: Dean Samways


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