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The iPod of the book world is a Amazon hit

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The Amazon Kindle (Amazon)

The Amazon Kindle (Amazon)

Online retailer (UK site) is set to see revenue from its Kindle electronic book reader reach beyond $1.2 billion by 2010.

Amazingly, in a report, Citigroup revealed that’s over 4 percent of Amazon’s total revenue for the same year.

Analyst Mark Mahaney said: “The Kindle has become the iPod of the book world.”

500,000 Kindle units were sold on the Amazon website in 2008. Relatively that’s 32 percent more than the number of Apple iPods sold in its first commercial year.

Mahaney had originally estimated the sale of 380,000 Kindles in ’08.

Amazon topped analyst estimates for the fourth quarter of last year and also forecast first-quarter of 2009 sales above expectations.

The e-retailer is planning to launch the latest version of the Kindle on 9 Feb.

“Kindle’s success highlights the very significant and consistent innovation focus that Amazon has maintained over the past five years and helps hedge the company against the digitisation of media products,” said Mahaney, who labeled the company with a ‘hold’ rating.

In the marketplace Kindle competes with Sony’s e-book reader.

The wireless version of the Kindle can download titles from 17 websites including Amazon (naturally), Project Gutenberg, Free Kindle Books, The World Library and Fictionwise. For a full list of sources click here.

Watch the guide to Kindle below:

Does anyone own a Kindle or a Sony E-Book Reader? What do you make of them? Do they make reading easier? Would you recommend it?

Words: Dean Samways

Potter spell continues to mesmerise

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The Moonstone edition of the book was auctioned in December 2007

The Moonstone edition of the book was auctioned in December 2007 (Wikipedia)

Every aspiring writer wants to think their latest project will strike a chord with the majority and propel them to literary super-stardom (though writing for the audience is the killer of creativity – Ed).

Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen but for one author her fictional wand waving speccy protagonist has made her books almost as renouned as the complete works of Shakespeare.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard, by JK Rowling has become the fastest-selling book of the year.

Hitting shelves only three days ago it didn’t take long for copies to fly off again and straight into the carrier bags of a few hundred thousand satisfied customers.

The first in the author’s collection not to feature Harry Potter shifted 368,000 units last week compared to 73,000 copies of the Guinness Book of Records 2008, its closest rival.

Phil Stone of The Bookseller magazine told The Daily Telegraph: “None of the other big releases managed to get near the sales figure for Beedle the Bard.”

“I would be very surprised if it is not Christmas number one, but it’s not a dead cert.”

Nicknamed the ‘unofficial Potter farewell’ The Tales of Beedle the Bard, is a collection of five fairy tales which got a mention in the final wiz-boy book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Six super-rare-handmade-by-the-author-special-editions of the book were given away last year to people most closely connected to the Harry Potter series. A seventh was made and sold in auction to raise money for a children’s charity. Amazon bought the unique copy for almost £2M!

JK Rowling is interviewed about The Tales of Beedle the Bard below:

What is it that makes Rowling and Potter so darn popular? Is there anyone who comes close to her kind of fame? Are there any novel ideas rattling around in your head that could become supernova huge?

Words: Dean Samways