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Writer to rescue Heroes

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Bryan Fuller - writer and producer of Heroes (Independent)

Bryan Fuller - writer and producer of Heroes (Independent)

We’ll be straight with you, The Scribbler is not a fan of the current craze of American television shows saturating our beloved Beeb and other channels.

Shows like Lost seem to ramble on endlessly purely for that fact, because an endless plot and a forever unraveling storyline means an ever engaged audience. These are commercial gravy trains would appear to be coming off the rails though.

Bryan Fuller, the former writer-producer of Heroes, has rejoined the show’s crew as a consultant. The move follows the cancellation of his Emmy-nominated show Pushing Daisies.

The superhero series has been hemorrhaging viewers since the start of the second season.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly Fuller said: “My job is to help facilitate the vision of the show, and the vision has been a little inconsistent.”

“But Fugitives (the next arc) is such a great sea change. I think people who have been critical of Heroes will come back.”

The drama’s original writer believes drastic measures are in order to attract fans back, though those measures are somewhat questionable in our book.

“People will die. And some will return. Matt’s wife (Janice) comes back. We’ll find out what happens when you have a superbaby.”

A superbaby? Don’t tell me Fuller didn’t hear the sighs of disappointment from cinema audiences when Clark Kent’s alter-ego found out he had a son in Superman Returns.

As for why Heroes found itself out of favour with fans, Fuller has his own theories: “It became too dense and fell into certain sci-fi trappings.

“For instance, in the Villains arc, when you talk about formulas and catalysts, it takes the face off the drama.

“You have to save something with a face, otherwise you don’t understand what you’re caring about. We’re also altering the structure so that there’s a very clear A story.”

So basically Heroes is in line for a spot of dumbing down then?

“But it is a big ship, it’s going to take a little while to turn it.”

Part of the reason The Scribbler isn’t a fan of shows like Lost and Heroes is their lazy use of the English language. Scriptwriting 101: Use as few words as possible to say as much as possible, this is how people really talk. People don’t describe every single thing they are doing, even if there have got a few subplots going on elsewhere. The below clip from the incredible police drama The Wire proves our point exactly.

What are your favourite examples of screenplay writing? Are you a fan of any the American television-cum-Hollywood shows and why? Are you penning your own ‘high production value’ television drama? Care to share?

Words: Dean Samways

Bigmouth Strikes Again – Morrissey memoirs underway

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It was revealed this week that former Smiths frontman Morrissey is writing an autobiography.

Speaking to the BBC’s Janice Long this week the singer said: “With every printed interview, there’s lots of misquotes. Lots of them are really silly and really extreme, which you have to live with the rest of your life. So it’s setting the record straight.”

These ‘misquotes’ have not been in any way insignificant either. Take for example the time when the bullish softy allegedly declared the longing for George W. Bush death and the supposed official statement that read something like this:

“I understand why fur-farmers and so-called laboratory scientists are repaid with violence”

Then there was the time, more recently, when he reportedly told the NME: “the higher the influx [of immigrants] into England the more the British identity disappears”

Talking about the writing venture Morrissey said: “So much crap is written about me and it’s quite hard to live with sometimes because it all gets burned down in history and becomes part of whatever it is you are, the legacy, and it becomes very annoying.”

At least the autobiography will give him much sought after page space to clear the air and allow him bumble on to his hearts content about vegetarianism, seal clubbing and other such issues with the enthusiasm of a pill pusher.

Morrissey will have a tough job trying to expel all the rumoured media bloopers surrounding him, after all over a quarter of his Wikipedia page is consumed by sections entitled ‘Music Industry Feuds’, ‘[Arguments with] Political Leaders’, ‘Accusations of Racism’ and ‘Animal Rights’.

At the time of going to press no announcements had been made about who will be publishing the book and the release date but it would seem the singer certainly has a lot on his plate at the moment. The Mancunian is releasing a new solo album, Year of Refusal, in February. Ever modest Morrissey has dubbed the LP “fantastically strong … very, very strong … after all these years … the strongest.”

To have a look at what we should expect from the veg warrior’s autobiography have a look at his interview on BBC TWO’s Culture Show below:

Words: Dean Samways