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Obama, Where Art Thou?

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Barack Obama by Callie Shell for Time

Barack Obama by Callie Shell for Time

Yes, yes that’s right, not even the pages of The Scribbler provide shelter from US Election 08; possibly the grandest media spectacle since two winged metallic cylinders struck twin concrete giants at the beginning of history.

Today we wanted to divert your attention to one Guardian blogger who has very astutely picked up on Presidential candidate Barack Obama‘s fine choice of words in his rallies, related printed word and speeches.

Of course we’re not saying he’s the next Homer or that he’ll one day pen a work as important as A Dozen Tough Jobs by Howard Waldrop, but what we are saying is that his eloquent employment of the English language has created somewhat of a mini play within a much play.

His puns and metaphorical verses to describe the far from elegant qualities of Hilary Clinton are particularly amusing. His recent soundbite highlighting the electorates desire to ‘look under the hood and kick the tires’ perfectly and immediately connects with middle-America’s obsession with the automobile as he strives to convey his hardiness and reliability.

For an insightful analysis of Obama’s subtle poetry read Adam O’Riordan‘s piece for the Guardian here.

A perfect example of his flair with words lies below for your viewing pleasure:

Just how important is it for a Presidential candidate to be as linguistically gifted as Obama? Anyone looking forward to his autobiography already?

Words: Dean Samways